Serving pieces that pose as sculptures

      Working with wood has been an avid interest of mine since childhood. In 2001 I made my first unique spoon upon my wife’s request for the ‘perfect’ cooking spoon. This further sparked my creativity as I merged my enjoyment in woodworking with my love for cooking to create functional culinary wood art. I added bowls to my collection and was then inspired to combine these two elements to create spoon and bowl sculptures. Each design consists of separate spoons and bowls that are intended to be used as functional serving pieces; the individual pieces then join together to create a sculpture for display.

      My creative original sculptures begin by looking at the wood, listening to what it says, and creating what the wood wants to be. The natural characteristics and shape of the wood speak to my soul and allow me to envision the sculpture.

      Emphasizing natural hues of various hardwoods, I incorporate colorful exotic woods to create contrast and depth without artificial coloring. I use hand power tools to release the beautiful design followed by meticulous steps of sanding to obtain a natural wood sheen. Each piece is then hand rubbed with food safe oil making it ready for serving or displaying. The finished product is an original, never before seen, one of a kind culinary sculpture.

      Take time to view my artwork and notice the spoons and bowls entwined within each sculptural design. Perhaps you will find one that speaks to your soul.